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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Punchline Comedy Club Sacramento.
I’m way older than 21 but don’t have an I.D. can I still get in even if I’m not drinking?
If you do not have a valid ID, but are clearly above drinking age, you will still be admitted into the club, but marked as underage and not permitted alcoholic beverages.
Is there a drink minimum?
Yes, We do have a two drink minimum per person.
Do food items count towards the two drink minimum?
Can I reserve a table?
Most of our seating is General Admission and therefore first-come first-served. However, we offer table upgrades for an additional fee to certain performances. Contact the box office for more details.
I have a large party coming, Can we be sat together?
We do a really good job of seating our guests together but remember all of our seating is ‘first come first served’ so with large parties it is best to arrive early and together.
I bought my tickets already; do I still have to wait in that long line?
Yes, with or without tickets you must wait in line because everyone needs to have their ID’s checked upon entry.
I bought tickets that I no longer need, what do I do?
Return to the place of purchase to see what the return policy is. If you purchased them by calling or visiting our box office our policy is that the tickets are NON-refundable NON-exchangeable.
The show I want to see is sold out! What do I do?
Sometimes our shows are sold out, it is best to plan ahead and purchase your tickets in advance; However if this should happen and you want to try your luck you are more than welcome to come to the Venue early and wait in our “standby line” in the event that more tickets are released or there is a ticket cancelation.
Can I bring my camera?
Feel free to bring your camera to take pictures before and or after the show. There is absolutely NO photography or video during the show. An announcement will be made when it is time to put your cameras and cell phones away. Any violation of this rule results in expulsion from the venue no exceptions.
Is there any trouble with parking?
No. We are located in a shopping center and there is ample parking.
Is your location wheelchair accessible?
What are your box office hours?
Wed-Sat 1-6pm Sun 3-6pm closed Mon/Tues
Does your box office charge a service fee?
Yes, there is a $1 per ticket credit card fee for phone orders and credit card transactions at the box office. Only tickets purchased in-person with cash will be free of service fees.
Is your club avail for private parties/rentals?
Yes, please contact club for rates/avail.
Is smoking allowed in establishment?
What if I don’t drink alcohol, do I have still have to abide by the 2 drink min?
Yes, but you DO NOT have to purchase an alcoholic beverage. Sodas, juices, sparkling waters and more are also available to you.
Does you club offer group rates?
Please contact box office for inquiries.
How do I know if a show is a special event?
We take passes to some of our shows, you must call the club box office to ask if a show is a special event or not.
Is the comic funny?
Comedy is subjective to all people. What’s funny to sum may not be to another. Our recommendations are to YOUTUBE the various performers and judge for yourself.
Do you serve food during the show?
Can I rent your venue?
Yes. For rental inquiries please call (267) 908-LIVE (5483).
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